Sunday, 31 October 2010

Video art

Last night I came across a small gallery showing in the evening. It was like nothing I'd seen before and I really enjoyed it. A man painted simple drawings onto a white wall whilst there was cool music playing in the background. Also images of animals such as chickens, zebras and brids, and also flashing lights were projected onto the wall while he painted away. It was very dramatic and kept your attention on the work. When he was finished he had written words such as 'This is bliss' all over the wall. I think that he may have been trying to tell a story, however the images seemed quite random to me. People partying, cakes, animals and general nature was what was painted. All in all, I found this interesting and could not imagine finding this sort of art anywhere but Berlin. 

Saturday, 30 October 2010

An unexpected gallery find

When exploring through Friedrichstein, I came across a beautiful gallery exhibition by a textile designer called Britta Marquardt. In this collection she has created sculptures made from nothing but buttons and fine wire. The structures, texture and colours were fascinating and very inspirational. The pieces are fragile, yet they are sculptures that look sturdy and strong. My love for layers has been reflected in these works and I think that I will follow her work and see what else she has in store to influence me!

Project 1

Today was my first day at university. I was given the choice of 3 projects. The one I chose is called BIOlogies- Learning from nature. I chose this as I am interested in looking closely into 'Growth and Decay'. I will look at how flowers and vegetables and how they decrease in size when they go off. During the project we have been asked to use nature as a starting point and inspiration to explore the relationship between man and his environment. We have to study the structures, principles and 'technology' of biology and the approaches to biomimetic design in order to learn from nature in our studio practice work. 'Within the context of textile and surface design, by investigating strategies and mechanisms observed in Nature, we will conceptualise and develop new materials, surfaces, systems, models, processes and/ or objects.'

Monday, 18 October 2010

My new found love

Blu Blu art...

Festival of lights...

My first day in Berlin.

My first initial thoughts about Berlin were that it felt huge and the buildings were quite unpleasing to the eye. However, as my days pass, I have learnt that this is the Berlin way. Graffiti everywhere, hidden bars and nightclubs, row after row of same looking streets. As I gradually settle in to my new way of life, I am adjusting to the strange ghostly feel of the streets during the day, and the bustling paths at night. I think this place is made for me. Every day is exciting and new, finding new hidden galleries, bars and nightlife. Street art is also a new found love. Blu Blu art is incredible. I am just getting on two feet at the moment and am already loving the feeling of being alone in a new city so I am very excited to see what will come next for me!